The SciWomen offices are located in the RTC Modular Building on Busch Campus at
640 Bartholomew Road in Piscataway, NJ.

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Download a pdf with travel instructions

Please note while our address is on Bartholomew Road, the entrance is in the back of the building accessed through Parking Lot #64. From Parking Lot #64, follow the cement walkway in the near left corner of the parkinglot. The RTC modular building is set back in the woods. You will see the Center of Advanced EnergySystems modular building first but continue walking down the path bearing right until you get to RTC.

The easiest way to reach the center will be by car; you will find parking in the lot just behind the center, up Brett Road (behind the athletic center and natatorium).  
If you don't have a car, then you will need to take a bus that runs from the College Avenue campus (where the English Department is, and the train station for NJ Transit) to the Busch Campus.  Two bus lines will take you where you need to go -- Route H and Route A -- and the most convenient stop for either one, on the College Avenue campus, will be on College Ave in front of Scott Hall.  The bus is free.  It is much simpler than it looks and takes only 10 minutes, literally.
Going to the RTC Modular Building, Route H will be somewhat more convenient, since it stops on the Bartholomew Road side of the Werblin Recreation Center, which is right next to RTC.  But Route A will drop you quite close also, so take the first one that comes.  Walk along Bartholomew Road to the back entrance of RTC.  
Returning to College Ave campus, Route A is the best (only) option; you will pick it up in front of Werblin Recreation Center on the Bartholomew Road side (main entrance, across the street from where Route H drops you off) and ride it to Scott Hall (stopping first at the student center on College Ave). 
You will find a list of Route maps and schedules here: 
There is also a site that gives live updates on bus arrivals, which may be found here:
Next Bus also has an app you can download for your iPhone if you use one. It is quite reliable.