Faculty Leading Change

Faculty Leading Change (FLC)

Faculty Leading Change is a diverse group of faculty members and professional staff engaging in an active, collaborative, yearlong program that provides facilitated discussions, curriculum, and activities that build community and support transdisciplinary peer learning related to student success and faculty excellence.   FLC is an opportunity for faculty to engage in learning through conversation, identify needs, explore best practices, and make innovative recommendations.  The goals of our FLC are to:

1. bring together a diverse group of junior to senior level women faculty across the university, from various science related disciplines who share a common interest around the FLC topic.

2. raise awareness on key issues that impact the faculty and students at Rutgers and share best practices from within and outside of Rutgers.

3. build a strong sense of trust and community within the FLC where key issues could be identified, information could be freely exchanged, and innovative solutions encouraged.

4. reduce participant’s sense of isolation in the university and expand their personal and professional networks by providing informal peer mentoring opportunities through their participation in the FLC.

5. distinguish this community from other groups of faculty communities at Rutgers by having a "for faculty by faculty" focus: engaging in short-term problem solving for long-term solutions related to faculty excellence and     completing a deliverable product that has a broad impact on faculty and student success at Rutgers.   

For example, when Rutgers created and implemented its first FLC in AY 2013 - 2014, it was a "topic-based” FLC and the topic was “Advancing Academic Women in Science Disciplines at Rutgers.”   Over a series of seven (7) meetings and activities that took place between October 2013 – April 2014, a diverse group of eighteen (18) female faculty members and professional staff across a wide array of disciplines (see participant tab for listing) participated in collaborative activities that provided community, cross disciplinary peer learning, and research into promoting the talents of women faculty for advancement in their careers and into leadership positions.  The two areas of focus identified by this first FLC were Mentoring for Faculty and Diverse Hiring Practices.  Participants worked closely with their fellow colleagues to develop a set of recommendations related to Advancing Academic Women at Rutgers.  At the end of the year a formal recommendation was submitted to the University Strategic Planning Committee (see Topics and Deliverable tab for more details). 

Interested in Participating in the Next FLC?

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