SciWomen's Policy Analysis Project

As a project orchestrated as a combined effort of both SciWomen and RU FAIR ADVANCE, the SciWomen Policy Project is in part a compilation of Rutgers University policies at the university, school and department levels that affect tenured and tenure-track faculty members -both male and female, in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics, as well as in other disciplines. This collection is intended to serve as a tool to aid the application if these policies by mining them out from their various locations and putting them all together in one valuable resource for faculty, administrators, and university policy makers. 

As another aspect of the project, it also examines the policies actual application and environment at the university by using such tools as interviews with faculty and administrations in various positions throughout the university. 


Appendices for Compilation of Rutgers Policies that Affect Faculty
Compilation of Rutgers Policies that Affect Faculty, includes Appendices
Report on Findings, SciWomen Policy Project
Synopsis of Interviews for Policy Project