Women of Color Scholars

Thrive as a scholar with the support of the Women of Color Scholars' (WoCS) Initiative.

The Women of Color Scholars Initiative aims to cultivate supportive environments for women of color in the academy and give visibility to the University as a place committed to diversity and retention of women of color by:

  • Highlighting the contributions that women of color and scholars of underrepresented backgrounds make to the university communities, their scholarly disciplines, and society;
  • Building a campus-wide network that supports the scholarship of women of color, and promotes their research, career development and satisfaction;
  • Advocating on behalf of women of color faculty by working collectively and resourcefully for progressive institutional change towards equitable, inclusive environments that thrive through diversity; and
  • Fostering institutional conditions in which women of color faculty may thrive as scholars and as individuals, and thus contribute to their success, promotion, and retention at Rutgers.

Click Here for the WoCS Initiaive Leadership Team

Visit the WoCS Resource Page for articles, research papers and books concerning the issues facing women of color in academia.