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Areas of Interest: Stochastic Modeling, Optimization and Control: Markov Decision Processes; Stochastic Games, Queueing Theory, and their applications to Telecommunication, Supply Chain and Transportation Systems.
My Story: In my life, I’ve always wanted to be challenged and my family, most of whom were teachers, provided me with ample intellectual questions. My father always emphasized education to my sister and me, partly because he himself never finished high school due to his mother’s death when he was six years old. It was always accepted that I would go on to college. The people that have most influenced me in life are the people that challenged me. One person I remember very well is my high school physics teacher who had her daughter in one of the top universities in Turkey. She would find problems from...
Areas of Interest: Molecular Linkers, Semiconductor Nanoparticles.
My Story: When I chose to study chemistry at the University of Pisa, most of my friends and teachers were surprised. I had taken Latin and Greek in high school and art history as part of a mainly liberal arts curriculum ("Liceo Classico"), but I had always been interested in animals and nature. And outside of school, I already had taken a first glimpse at scientific research. My father was the director of the Food Science Institute at the University of Pisa, and when I was a child he would take me to his office every once and a while. There I wandered around and saw people doing experiments in the labs...