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Areas of Interest: Compact Muon Solenoid, Collinder Detector at Fermilab, and Kaons at the Tevatron. Department of Physics and Astronomy
My Story: Halkiadakis, Eva Eva as an undergraduate student at Rutgers My parents came from Greece to the US in the late sixties to find a better life here. They both are from small villages and don't have an academic background, but they supported me in anything I wanted to do and encourage me to follow my interests. My very first interest in science was astronomy, which I loved in high school. When I got to Rutgers as an undergraduate, I studied physics, because physics is the basis of...
Areas of Interest: Cultural anthropology, historical anthropology, cultural politics, gender, ethnicity, colonialism, missionization, indigenous rights, pastoralism, transnationalism, social movements, research methodologies, Africa.
My Story: Hodgson, Dorothy L. Dorothy interviewing Masaai activist, Moringe ole Parkipuny, at a policy conference in Tanzania in 2006 In retrospect, perhaps I was always destined to be a cultural anthropologist. As a child, I moved from country to country overseas, learning the differences between proper manners, prized foods, and other aspects of life in South Africa, England, Belgium and France. When my family finally returned to the United States, I was thirteen and considered an...