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Areas of Interest: Cognitive Neuroscience, Language and Central Auditory Processing, Language-learning Disabilities.
My Story: Tallal, Paula Paula watching children work on Fast ForWord training at a public school in Queens, 2005. As a girl growing up in Dallas, Texas, school seemed to me to be more about your appearance and your boyfriend than your academics. My father devised a system where we would be paid a small sum for receiving A’s and B’s on our report cards, but we would have to pay him if we received a C or below. My parents made it clear that our grades and education mattered and this contract...
Areas of Interest: Biology (Sensory Evaluation; Taste Genetics; Taste in Disease; Food Intake; Obesity.
My Story: In life, I never really had a fixed plan to be a scientist, but it just turned out that way. When I was sixteen and in high school, I was groping for a direction to go in. I did not know what my passion was yet, but I knew what I was good at: biology. So I went to college at Northeastern University in Boston and majored in biology as an undergraduate. One project that got me interested in science was a class project on object manipulation in orangutans, about describing the importance of the thumb in primates. My friend and I designed an experiment and went to the local zoo, where we made a...