Crystal Bedley

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Crystal Bedley
Internal Evaluator
Office for the Promotion of Women in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics 
Crystal Bedley holds a M.A. in Sociology and is currently a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Rutgers University. She received a B.S. degree in Journalism, specializing in news editing from the University of Colorado-Boulder. Her research interests include the negotiation and maintenance of multiracial identities, racial attitudes towards inequality, and gender/racial equity in higher education. In her dissertation, “Multiracial Families in Television Commercials,” she is investigating processes of racialized meaning construction related to the consumption of interracial families in advertising.
As the Graduate Assistant at Rutgers University, she engaged in evaluation research to understand the experiences of women of color faculty and programmatic effectiveness for our office. As an academic advisor for the Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Program, Ms. Bedley, has developed and taught interdisciplinary courses on the topics of the research process, methodology and graduate education preparation. To date, she has mentored more than 60 students through the graduate school admission process. These students are currently enrolled in Master’s and Ph.D. programs nationwide, including University of California-Berkeley, Yale University and Columbia University.
Ms. Bedley is currently an instructor in the department of Sociology at Rutgers University and internal evaluator for the "Building Faculty Excellence" Initiative.