Past Projects

 Learning to Fly Workshop

Learning to fly  Program - video screenshot



Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation's (NSF) ADVANCE program (Award: HRD-0810978), the RU FAIR program was designed to increase the participation ad advancement of women in academic science and engineering careers by changing institutional culture and practices.


RU FAIR Professorships

Selected by a competitive application process, two professors were awarded on each of Rutgers' three campuses to serve as ambassadors for institutional transformation from the grassroots through the development and inplementation of aditional research initiatives. 


Women of Color Scholars' initiative

Working with Ru FAIR, this initiative  aimed to cultivate supportive environments for women of color in the academy and give visibility to the university as a place commited to diversity and retention of women of color.


SciWomen Policy Analysis

As a combined effort of SciWomen and RU FAIR ADVANCE, this project examined the application of its compilation of university polices from various levels at Rutgers that affect tenured and tenure-track faculty members across gender and discipline. 


Women Take Flight at Rutgers Leadership Workshop

This workshop gave female STEM faculty the unique opportunity to enhance their leadership abilities by removing them from the traditional academic realm and placing them in the driver seat of a single-engine C172 training aircraft.


Dual-Career Initiative

With supplemental NSF ADVANCE funding, SciWomen supported the development of a dual-career specialist position at Rutgers to help meet the needs of dual-career couples through the recruitment of new hires and the retention of current faculty in STEM who were facing dual-career issues. 


RU FAIR Mini-Grants

These grants were designed for faculty advancement and development to stimulate interdisciplinary course development, training, leadership and research as well to increase retentions through strengthened networks and informal mentorship, thus furthering the professional advancement and collaboration potential of STEM women, specially minority women.


RU FAIR Life Cycle Grants

These financial awards were intended to ensure that the pace of research did not diminish when scientists were faced with personal or family transitions and allowed them to continue their research activities even when their research or teaching time was seriously limited.


RU-STEPed Up for Success

These programs focused on recruiting and suporting STEM majors from underrepresented groups (women and minorities) and improving the retention on first-year and tranfers STEM students. Funding was secured through and NSF-STEP grant awarded to PI, Kathleen Scott, and CO-PI's, Marie Logue, Michaels Beals and Joan W. Bennett.