Resources for Mentees

Rutgers Resources

Office of Academic Labor Relations: 
Information on Rutgers University policies, collective bargaining agreements, and related procedures. 
Rutgers Connection Network Mentoring Program:   
Designed to increase the engagement and scholarly productivity of Rutgers faculty by providing the infrastructure, training, and facilitation that enable them to participate in effective and collaborative mentoring partnerships beyond the departmental level. 
Program for Early Career Excellence (PECE):
A cohort-based program with approximately 20 early-career faculty participating together over a three-year span. The program includes activities grouped by discipline and opportunities for faculty to come together based on common interests and/or common experiences.
Preparation for Research Excellence Program:
A professional development program designed for early-career faculty. The program consists of five monthly workshops geared toward introducing new faculty to the many research resources available at Rutgers with a focus on improving the chances of securing funding for their research.
A collection of Rutgers faculty resources and materials. 
Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs—Faculty Development:
Cohort programs, writing support, common-interest groups, and individual mentoring available universitywide.
Compilation of policies at the university, school, and department levels at Rutgers University that affect tenured and tenure-track faculty members primarily in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.  

External Resources 

ADVANCE University of Michigan:
Good practices involving faculty hiring, mentoring, evaluation processes, and climate:
A collection of guidelines and best practices for faculty mentoring; awards and leadership; and annual, third-year, tenure, and promotion review.
Smock, P. J., & Stephonson, R. (2016). Giving and getting career advice: A guide for junior and senior faculty.
Tips for senior and junior faculty career advancement.
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Selected Readings 

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