Special Project Reports

RU FAIR ADVANCE Year Three Site Visit Presentation (Batmanian, N.; Bedley, C.; Bennett, J.; Buettner, H.; Leshko, C.; Luchko, A.; Roos, P.; and Valentine, D. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. February 3, 2011)

Initial Impacts of an NSF ADVANCE‐IT Award to Rutgers University from the Viewpoint of the Camden Campus (Arbuckle‐Keil, G.A.; Valentine, D. Mentoring Strategies To Facilitate the Advancement of Women Faculty. ACS Publications. January 1, 2010, 43‐59)

A Pervasive Pattern of Delinquency (Rutgers University and the Struggle for Equal Pay, 1970-1976. Kathryn Mahaney, September 2010)

Together but unequal:  Combating gender inequity in the academy (Patricia A. Roos; Journal of Workplace Rights, 2008)

Report of the Committee on Work and Family Issues (Co-Chairs:  Marianne Gaunt and Barbara Lee; June, 2009)

A Statical Analysis of Gender Equity Issues for Full-time Rutgers-Newark Arts and Sciences Faculty as of 2008-09 (Study Conducted by: John W. Graham, Professor and Chairperson, Department of Economics)